Who’s The Better Pet Parent?

Whether or not you’re an animal person, it’s hard to deny that most people consider their pets as part of the family. In fact, some owners treat their pets more like children than a furry extension of the immediate family.

Pet parents spent an estimated $32.7 billion on food and treats in 2018—with some owners even going so far as to pay for pet day care, pricey tech gadgets, and acupuncture.

People definitely love their pets, but how do our four-legged companions feel about us in return? For a closer look at who’s the better pet parent, we surveyed over 1,000 people. Keep reading to learn whether men or women think their pets are more attached to them, how often couples argue over pet-related responsibilities, and how many people modify their homes for the sake of their furry family.

It’s definitely a competition

It’s true that pets can’t verbally articulate how they feel about us when we say, “I love you,” but they do still have ways of showing us how much they care. When they climb up on the couch to cuddle, look at you for an extended period, follow you to bed, or greet you at the door, those are all signs of affection.

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