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Aggression and Anxiety

Dogs are not born with aggression and anxiety. 80% of these issues are caused by insecurity and fear. It is developed over time due to lack of leadership and communication. When we see a dog in distress we as humans tend to go into nurturing mode.

We try to reassure them by saying “it’s ok” and petting them to calm down.What you’re actually communicating is its okay to behave that way—you’re inadvertently praising them for behaving in that manner.

These problems can be solved through dog obedience training. If your dog reacts aggressively in the presence of people or other dogs, obedience commands will “override” his or hers thought process. When you achieve this level of control, you’re not only becoming a leader in your dog’s eyes but you also building confidence through success.

K9 Coach encourages you to take advantage of our free consultation. Talk is cheap. Seeing is believing! Let us show you what our training programs can do for your dog’s aggression issues.


Is your dog jumping up? Running away? Pulling on the leash so bad that she is walking you around the block? Then K9 Coach Dog Training can help.

Hyperactive dogs are, in a sense, high-drive dogs. That high drive made them the ultimate working dogs. In our present day, these dogs have become companion dogs and members of our family. Without a “job” or a way to expend that drive,your dog’s energy can manifest into unwanted behaviors.

Exercise is an important part of lowering your dog’s energy level, but physical exercise alone doesn’t always solve the problem. Dog obedience training has a better impact on lowering your dog’s mental energy. It teaches your dog boundaries and self control. It also provides you a better relationship with your dog that is not based on screaming, yelling and frustration. Having control of your dog will give you the freedom and ability to take your dog more places and spend more time enjoying life.

Puppy Development & Housebreaking

Puppies that are from the ages of 8 to 16 weeks might not be ready for formal obedience training but should be taught rules upon arriving in their new home.

Teaching your new pup things like:

How to establish a consistent housebreaking schedule.
What to chew on and what not to chew on. (Play biting)
How to prepare them for future vet examinations and proper socialization.
The K9 Coach offers a Puppy Consultation to help you get on the right track and curb any unwanted behaviors in the future.

Feel free to contact us at 941-232-9766 for fees and scheduling.


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