When we signed up with the Canine Coach of Southwest Florida, we got way more than we bargained. Daisy, our newly adopted 8 month old Boxer was extremely hyper and used to running with a large pack.After a couple of months of basic training through a pet shop, we thought it was a lost cause to tame her. Then we came across an ad, online, for the Canine Coach. We promptly called and set an appointment.

Jen came to the house to evaluate Daisy and help us formulate the best plan of action. Her demo dog, Nemo, was amazing. And within minutes Jen was able to do what we had not been able to do for two months, she stopped Daisy from jumping and pulling on the leash. We immediately signed. Over the course of two years, we irregularly attended classes and occasionally asked Jen to come and help introduce our dog to various neighborhood dogs, as hyper dogs tend not to be received well by others. She was always happy to do so. By this time, we already considered, Jen, our hero.

Little did we know, 20 months later, we would have a Home Owners Association problem when an unexercised and uncollared Daisy was not well received by another dog walking by our home. A dog fight ensued, and the owner of the other dog wanted Daisy removed from the neighborhood and worked hard to do so. We thought we had lost Daisy, in spite of no vet bills, wonderful neighbor testimonies, and a stellar report from animal control.

Then came Jen and Mike, the super duo. They soothed us at our worst, they put their heads together and came up with a plan. Jen called an emergency dog social to video tape, showing how non aggressive Daisy was with various sized dogs and children. They also taped a training class on Daisy’s behalf. And if all that wasn’t enough, Jen came to the HOA hearing to testify as an expert witness on dog behavior. Needless to say, Daisy is still completing our family. We believe it was due to their dedication and desire to give every dog and client a chance to have a happy home, that Daisy remains a part of our family and community today. Our family and friends can attest, the Canine Coach of Southwest Florida is worth their weight in gold.

Moral of the story: No matter what type of training you choose to use exercise and consistency is essential. A dedicated trainer like Jen is the key. We could not have chosen a better program for my family than the Canine Coach.

With Sincerest Gratitude

Steve, Liz, Logan, Hope, Erik and Daisy