Our dog Lucy had numerous behavioral problems before we met Mike Harvey. Lucy has a great demeanor, and is very friendly but at the same time, she was out of control. She did not listen to any commands, jumped on people all the time, took us for “walks”, tackled our cat every chance she got, loathed her crate, and even developed severe separation anxiety.

Her fear of the crate induced excessive panting and drooling. She refused all treats while inside her crate! We would come home from work and have to literally empty the crate tray and then give Lu a bath. Mindful of her reaction to the crate, we stopped using it when we left the house, giving Lucy free roam. This completely backfired because she began ripping pillows, couch cushions and the carpet (down to the concrete) to shreds! We were going broke going on damage control several times per week!

Enter Mike Harvey……….

We started working with Mike at the end of November and in just one month Lucy has shown tremendous improvement! She listens very well, goes into her crate on command and is overall a much happier, more balanced dog because she knows exactly what she is supposed to do and what is expected of her. The training was very difficult for the first two weeks. It was really hard to work through layers upon layers of anxiety and insecurity. But, we trusted Mike and his training program and stuck with it. The results are amazing!  This training was just as much about training us, as it was training the dog (if not more).  We’ve put a lot of time and effort into Mike’s program (and will continue to do so!), but the fantastic results made it all worthwhile. If we can give one piece piece of advice to other dog owners on the fence regarding this type of training, it is to stick with the program.  The first couple of weeks are difficult, no doubt! But, if you make it through those initial few weeks, and really commit to yourself and your dog, you’ll see results and have that well-behaved dog you’ve been dreaming of!  Consistency and follow through are key!

Stefan and Abby Ciosici, proud owners of Lucy