Ed and I wanted to thank Mike for helping us with our very active dogs, Red Sox and Sheila. When we first met Mike at a first Friday event at Lakewood Ranch, he was showing off Missy’s talent with a frisbee and we were very impressed with the control he had over her.

We decided to ask Mike to show us how that was possible. Red, our Border Collie, was over active and Sheila, our Australian Shepherd, was shy around adults and barked at children. Red loved everyone to distraction and Sheila barked and ran from everyone.

Mike helped us socialize Sheila so that now we can take her in a crowd and she is not upset with people touching her. Red controls his urge to jump and greet everyone in a crowd.

We are very thankful to Mike for is patience with us. We have been going to training for over a year and still attend classes on Saturday pretty regularly to refresh us and the dogs. Sheila and Red are now working on agility skills.

Shirley and Ed Parks
The proud parents of
Sheila and Red Sox Parks