I’m 4 weeks into training.

Background info about my dog. He is 3 years old and developed very aggressive tendencies which caused me to have to isolate him when people came over or around other dogs. Would not listen to commands when distracted and any little noise would fire him up and cause anxiety. Couldn’t go for a walk without being dragged around by him. Barked at everything in sight and would lunge at other dogs and people.
Day 1- met with Mike and instantly was surprised at how well his dog was trained (best comparison is to something out of the movies) My dog, of course, tried to pick a fight with his and wouldn’t listen to me. Mike laid down his thoughts on my dogs psychology and why he reacts the way he does and explained his philosophy on how to fix it. I decided it would be worth the try.
Week 1- my dogs anxiety has decreased tremendously. Started listening to commands and obeying. Still had issues with obeying around other dogs or people.
Week 2- my dog seems so much calmer. Noises don’t freak him out anymore. Will stay in one place and not pace around frantically. Listens to commands even with distractions present. Will obey my commands around other dogs. Walking him is Great now, no pulling me around.
Week 3- has learned a few new commands. Can let him be outside without worrying of him taking off in a sprint as he did before. Will obey my commands and won’t let most distractions get the best of him. Aggression issues have decreased significantly in the sense of him reacting to dogs or people in the vicinity has decreased.
Week 4- have been working with off leash training. He’s very receptive and obedient. He’s a changed dog. Still not where we want to be but he makes progress every day. Really makes you love him even more when you see hard work pay off.

Conclusion: training a dog isn’t an easy job. Training an aggressive dog is very very hard without the proper guidance and tools. Mike has saved my dogs life and I can’t thank him enough in these 4 short weeks. The daily improvements keep me engaged with the training and my dog is a lot calmer now and very obedient. Not perfect by any means, but he’s working towards it. I will post another follow up a month from now.

I give Mike a grade A++++ and definitely recommend him to anyone who needs their dog trained no matter what the issue with them is.


Its been another 4 weeks since my last post.
My dog now obeys my commands even better than before and will not try to chase after other animals or aggressively bark. Off leash training has progressed as well and he is still obedient. The barking at strangers entering the house has decreased and he will stay in his place and not run up to guests. He is now able to socialize with other dogs without being aggressive whatsoever (I’m still in shock by this). All my family and friends compliment the changes and now love him even more as well.

Second conclusion: In about 2 months my dog has come a VERY long way. He went from being in control and VERY anxious/aggressive to letting me be in control and he’s obedient and non aggressive. The key is consistency and following the methods provided by Mike. Thank you again to Mike for his patience with my pup. He’s made my life a lot easier and the quality of life that my dog lives less stressful.


Here is a video of Omar and Juke’s progress