I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you have done for our dog Linx over the past two years. When we first got Linx, he was a great dog, very obedient and aimed to please. However, he had severe agression towards other dogs and I couldn’t take him anywhere.

I went to 2 trainers and had no luck. You were my third try, and it was a charm! Linx came and stayed with you for two weeks, and he came back a totally different dog! But over time, he got scared again after another german shepherd went after him. So, I reinlisted your help, and this second time around was nothing short of a miracle! I actually cried when i saw him in a dog park, playing with other dogs and just being happy! His attitude is amazing, and he just plain loves his new life. Everyone who sees him now cannot believe he is the same dog! I never thought he would be a happy dog, but with your training, and his weekly training classes, I am confident he is going to have a happy, well adjusted life.

Thanks for saving him and us. We owe you his happiness!

Check out the links to the videos of Linxs’ before and after!




Monica Small and “Linx”