I have been fostering a Pit Mix Pup named Pacey for the last several months that had the Parvo Virus. It has been my intention to nurse Pacey back to health and then find him a loving home. As Pacey began to feel better from his illness, he became more and more aggressive and skittish, especially around men.

Every time I would take him for a walk he would bark and growl at everyone and everything. I could not pick up a newspaper or broom without him cowering and acting scared. It was suspected that Pacey was abused because of his odd and aggressive behavior. This has made my search for a loving home very difficult. Since I already have 3 large dogs, one who is dog aggressive, I can’t keep another “problem child” permanently. I decided I needed to get a trainer involved to evaluate Pacey’s behavior. I heard of “The Canine Coach”, Michael Harvey, at the Humane Society of Lee County (HSLC). I had just become a member on the Board of Directors for the HSLC, and was inquiring about dog trainers for the shelter. The Director of Shelter Operations told me about Michael Harvey and the “Second Chance” program that he set up at the shelter.

I inquired further and found out that Michael donates his time on a weekly basis training the shelter staff and volunteers on his training methods in the hopes of making the kennel dogs more adoptable. I thought, “what a nice guy to volunteer his time to help the dogs.”

I decided to investigate all my options, so I called 3 veterinarian technicians that I knew, two in Sarasota and one Port Charlotte . All three spoke extremely highly of Michael and his training techniques. I finally called and set up an appointment to meet Michael and see if he could help with Pacey, and I was not disappointed. In a very short time after working with Michael, Pacey’s behavior improved dramatically. I could take Pacey for a walk without him growling and barking at anything we met along the way. He now adapts much better to men and enjoys playing with other dogs. I can honestly say Michael Harvey gave Pacey a “second chance” at a happy life.

With Deepest Appreciation,
Lori Noel
Board Member,
Humane Society of Lee County