I honestly don’t know where my dog would be if it wasn’t for Mike and integrating his techniques into our (my dog and I) daily lives. I have never met another dog that was so fearful and aggressive. It was to the point that I stopped taking her anywhere for fear of what may happen, when she used to love being around other people and animals. I don’t know where we went wrong, I just know that she became fearful of everything. When it came to the flight, fight, or freeze my dog was pure fight. We were rejected by another trainer who didn’t think they could handle my dog and were becoming despondent at the notion that there may not be a trainer who could possibly train my dog in the way she so desperately needed training. It was to the point that my vet was urging me to put my dog on medication to reduce her fearfulness/anxiety when outside of her “safety zones.”

However, I happen to find dog training near me. When I met Mike and he came to our home for the private lesson he was able to interact with my dog in a way that I hadn’t seen anyone other than myself be able to do in just under 10 minutes. Since then, and continually going to training, I have seen huge differences in my dog.I am no longer fearful of taking her into public. I am not sure she will ever like other people/dogs but she is at least able to handle the situations we put her into without becoming a hot mess and my heart going into my throat at every car, dog, person, or motorcycle going by. She has always been extremely smart and able to pickup on commands, but she was absolutely unable to listen to us and would go berserk outside of the safety of our home and I simply couldn’t let her be a risk to others (she’s 80 lbs of pure muscle and stubbornness). My dog’s behaviors and anxiety at the beginning of the training and where she is now is so vastly different that it’s almost a miracle. She listens to me, she is more trusting of her environment, and she doesn’t seem as fearful of everything. She is always going to be a lot of work and constantly reinforcing what has already been learned. But honestly, that is small potatoes compared to what we were dealing with at the onset of training. Thanks to Mike, my girl is able to have a beautiful quality of life with less anxiety for her (and let’s be honest, myself). I really do not know where we would be without him. He is simply the best and I would never take any possible future dogs anywhere else moving forward.