Peaches was driving me crazy. She’s a sweet, fun-loving 3-legged Pomeranian with a real zest for life, but the barking? It was intolerable and getting worse every day. You see, Peaches is what I call the Hostess with the Mostest.

She greets everyone who walks in the door here at A Pet’s Friend Animal Hospital, whether a two-legged person or a four-legged person. And barks, and barks, and barks, and barks some more. And just in case you weren’t certain it was her, she looks right at you and barks. Especially at the big dogs, the little dogs, cats and lately people. Clearly, I needed help. I tried the self-help books, DVDs and TV shows. No success. Peaches clearly knows she’s in charge! The Canine Coach to the rescue! Five days with Mike and I have my Peaches back. I can “place” her and get her under control (quiet!) easily. And she is still my kiss-happy girl! Fetching, playing and looking pretty. We still have a ways to go, me especially, but it is such a joy to be able to have a conversation without the barking hyena in the room! No more embarrassment while walking in the neighborhood. And yet, still the best watchdog ever: a truly happy medium.

If you’d like to meet Peaches and see the wonderful work Mike has done, come on by A Pet’s Friend. You’ll know her on sight: she’s the 3-legged redhead in the pretty dress!

Karen A. Breitwieser, DVM