My husband and I decided we would adopt our first rescue dog and we are so glad we did!  His name is Bailey adopted through Underdog Rescue.Bailey loved dogs, but not all people. Julia, a co-founder of Underdog Rescue, recommended The Canine Coach. Bailey loved going to training classes after his initial home training.  He learned to be a well-behaved dog on his walks.

People in our neighborhood began commenting on the changes.  The vet stopped muzzling him – as long as my husband holds him, he’ll let the vet do anything.  He still has separation anxiety.  Mike had so much patience with him and us.  Mike made our nervous pup more interested in following commands by his low-keyed persistence and Bailey thrived.  Mike was always there for us with the exact way of handling any and all problems.  What’s even better, every answer he gave was always the right solution!!!

We saw Mike socially this past weekend and mentioned an old problem had returned.  Mike asked us what command did we give when Bailey did his old behavior.  And yes, he was right, the wrong command was given by owner.  So, all three of us will be returning to class for a refresher course.

Mike Harvey loves dogs.  I thought there was only one Dog Whisperer in the country, but Mike Harvey, well, he’s our favorite Dog Whisperer!!!

Dancing with woofs,

Donna & Earle Timmins