Where would I be without the K9 coach Mike Harvey? For one thing, I know that I wouldn’t be a dog owner. In Nov ’15, I had the great idea to adopt a 2 yr old American Staffordshire Terrier rescue, “Shamus”. After I brought him home, the real problems surfaced that I couldn’t detect at the adoption place. He was living with other dogs and cats, so this seemed to be a great option because our family already had a cat. Well walks with Shamus was a daily dose of leash pulling, dog aggression towards other passing dogs, leaping at joggers, kids riding by on bikes or skateboards…it was a stressful mess!!! Trips to the vet, FUHGETAHBOUTIT!! He would lose his ever loving mind at the site of another dog coming by and 70lbs of muscle is tiring to hold back. I needed help and fast because this couldn’t last. Other options were way too expensive and PetSmart would only scratch the surface of what’s needed. So in my search for dog training in Sarasota then I got Mike’s card at the vet…HALLELUJAH!

We had our evaluation on Jan 25th, then three private lessons at our home. Getting our timing down and learning great stuff (sit, come, down, place, heel, etc.) and by Feb 20th we were attending the group class with a dozen other dogs. He’s even walking off leash and knows his role. It’s a continual process and he can be a bone head sometimes, because he’s just that kind of dog. I have a completely different dog that’ll be part of our family for a long time coming.

Just because your dog may “listen”, that doesn’t mean they’re trained to act appropriately. This was the absolute best value and decision for my money and I endorse him without hesitation. I and Shamus are so grateful for the K9 coach Mike Harvey. I get great dog and he gets to keep a home