I got Bonnie Blue at 6 months and was aware of Bonnie’s fearfulness.  I actually thought I could love her out of it. She was so fearful that at first I had to pick her up to take her outside to do her business because she certainly would not have ventured out the door on her own.  I spent hours coaxing her out. I did manage to get her to do this after spending a weekend devoting my time to this.  She of course would not walk either and I finally got her to do the 1/2 mile circle my house resides on between the hours of 12 – 3 a.m.  It took me months to get her to do this.  No one can tell me I wasn’t committed – of course they may have had to commit me if I hadn’t found Mike.  I’m certain a couple of my neighbors would take great pleasure telling you about the untenable situations they found me in from time to time.

She got nervous with a child one day and left some teeth marks on that child.  She did break skin and while the police were not involved they could have been.  Then she began fighting with our other dog – Maggie (R.I.P.).  They both saw themselves as the rulers of the homestead.  Maggie was getting older.  Finally one day I came home to find out that Bonnie had ripped off one of Maggie’s ear – completely.  It was stitched back on but our vet very sternly looked at me and told me this could not go on and handed me one of Mike’s cards.  I had to agree.  The situation was not liveable and results from the positive re-enforcement professionals had not been – well – positive.

I’ve been working with Mike for two years.  The difference is unbelievable.  We do walks twice a day which besides the occasional freak out of a car passing is rather uneventful.  I see no aggression towards humans once invited into the house – she can be shy but has never threatened in any way, shape, or form since the training began.  She continues to be dog aggressive although significantly improved.  I have learned a lot about what I can and can’t expect of her.  Some of it is hard to take:  let’s face it  – don’t you want your dog to come and comfort you when you’re down.  However, with her issues I absolutely cannot allow myself to do this.  Am I perfect?  No.  However, as I improve so does Bonnie.  It makes me keep going and she’s very much worth it.  Just watch her go through the agility course – she would love it if you do.  Applause, gasps of admiration, and praise are very welcome!