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The Wetterling Clan & Daisy

When we signed up with the Canine Coach of Southwest Florida, we got way more than we bargained.

Donna & Earle Timmins

My husband and I decided we would adopt our first rescue dog and we are so glad we did!  His name is Bailey adopted through Underdog Rescue.

Dr. Breitwieser & Peaches

Peaches was driving me crazy. She’s a sweet, fun-loving 3-legged Pomeranian with a real zest for life, but the barking?

Rich & Ollie

We have a Pit Bull-boxer mix 4 years old who has dog or animal aggression problems, that we could not seem to control no matter what we did,

Dr. James Spiezio & Shaggy

Dr. James Spiezio & Shaggy

I have a 3 year old, male, lab mix, who is very friendly dog but who was impossible to train.

Stefan & Abby Ciosici

Our dog Lucy had numerous behavioral problems before we met Mike Harvey.

Bonnie Blue

I got Bonnie Blue at 6 months and was aware of Bonnie's fearfulness.  I actually thought I could love her out of it. 

Rick Mottern

This is an awesome training method, and Mike is an excellent trainer! He does what none of us can do on our own...

Monica Small & Linx

I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all you have done for our dog Linx over the past two years.

Lori & Pacey

I have been fostering a Pit Mix Pup named Pacey for the last several months that had the Parvo Virus.

Sheila and Red

Ed and I wanted to thank Mike for helping us with our very active dogs, Red Sox and Sheila.

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