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Dogs are not born with aggression and anxiety. 80% of these issues are caused by insecurity and fear. It is developed over time due to lack of leadership and communication. When we see a dog in distress we as humans tend to go into nurturing mode.

Aggression and Anxiety

We try to reassure them by saying “it’s ok” and petting them to calm down. What your actually cmmunicating is its ok to think that way and inadvertently praising them for thinking in that manner.

These problems can be solved through dog obedience training.If your dog reacts aggressively in the presence of people or other dogs obedience commands will “override” his or hers thought process. When you achieve this level of control your not only becoming a leader in your dog eyes but you also building confidence thru success.

K9 Coach encourages you to take advantage of our free consultation. Talk is cheap. Seeing is believing! Let us show you what our training programs can do for your dog aggressive issues.



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