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Once you achieve the appropriate level of private instruction, you will move into "free" unlimited-Lifetime group classes. Group instruction provides you with the handling skills necessary to be in control of your dog in any "real life" situation.

A group environment challenges your dog with high levels of distraction to teach you and your dog how to handle what ever life throws your way. Once you start group lessons, you are welcomed to attend for the life of your dog. We believe you should be able to obtain your goals at your pace. Once your goals are met, we want you to maintain your results with unlimited group classes. There are also advanced classes available to take you and dog to the next performance level. The majority of classes are held at our Training Facility. We have a large, secure and well lit area to conduct our classes. We also have an agility course to get the most out of your dogs potential. You will be provided with days and times once private instruction is completed.

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At the end of each class at our Training Facility we provide a segment for socialization. This process is called "Pack To Basics". This is an amazing opportunity for our dogs to learn how to properly behave in a setting with other dogs. You will be amazed at how the most aggressive of dogs learn how to coexist with their fellow K9's. For more info on "Pack to Basics" visit www.packtobasics.com/

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