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I just did an evaluation of an Australian Shepherd. This dog was purchased from popular pet store in Sarasota. They purchased the dog at 3 months. The dog actually spent almost 2 months at the store before being adopted. The biggest problem they were having was the dog had submissive urination, which can be a health issue.

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Olive oil, that staple of every kitchen, happens to make an excellent, healthful addition to every dog's food bowl. I know I'm usually touting the benefits of coconut oil, which is another mainstay in my pantry, but let's not forget the oil that comes from olives, too, which has its own fantastic advantages.

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Here is an interesting article I found about buying puppies from the puppy stores we all know and see.

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Here is a great article from www.dogster.com I have had to do this several times. It can avoid you having to go to the vet.

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My dog Missy is on Thyroid medication. This one doesn't sound serious. There are brands and lot numbers in this link. From the article it states that there is a descrepancy with the dose that is on the bottle is not what your pet is receiving.

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I am really excited about this new site. This is going to take things to a whole new level. This site will not only make it easier for you guys to see the class schedule but also you will be able to add your own content. You will be able to add your own photos, videos, blogs and testimonials. Stay tuned!


Mike Harvey

Hey Everyone, Here is a newspaper article about the celebration of pets. They actually mentioned The K9COACH in it. So check it out!

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